It's all about the journey

Renee Clarke

The journey

 So much has changed since I last reached out to my followers and I can’t wait to share both personal and business news with you. 

As many of you know, I have spent the last 2 years working on my master’s degree in Workplace Health and Wellbeing.  The journey was very testing, but I am pleased to announce that last week I finally graduated and I am still smiling that I made it to the end.

The constant juggling of a small family, running a business and a completing a degree certainly put its pressures on me.  Despite the constant demands I somehow I made it through to the end and was actually more resilient than I initially thought. Sometimes when we face times of adversity it is so easy to consider throwing the towel in (felt like doing this on several occasions) but I learnt so much during my academic journey about the importance of self belief, support and strategy.

·         Self belief makes the impossible become possible.  When I set out on my journey those around me believed I could achieve but my self belief was low, as the months went by and papers were marked I believed I could and would succeed.

·         A strong support network holds the key to survival in times of excessive pressure.  The support of my friends, collages and cohort proved invaluable.

  • Strategy is what holds all the pieces in place. Having a clear strategy that could be broken down into smaller pieces made the journey much easier

The lessons learnt will form the forefront of my business for 2019 and I hope to embed these elements into all the work I do with clients.

Many of the clients I work with offer Ad-Hoc services such as training or health days but understand they should be taking a more holistic approach and embedding workplace health and wellbeing into the work they do.  So, what holds them back? The biggest reason is they just don’t have the knowledge or confidence to execute their ideas.  This is where self-belief (and support) comes in, it can be done, it will be done and the results will amaze both you and your managers. 

Having the support of experts in workplace health can help you achieve a great place to work where employees thrive, performance increases and staff want to continue to work with you.  At Work Well Hub we offer several sources of free support such as our Work Well Hub Forum  on linkedin, our facebook group, our local employers forums, newsletters and downloads. I would love you to sign up to our groups so that we can continue to help you grow and create a great place to work in 2019. 

I want to help you create a workplace health strategy that works!  I want to give you support and advice to: build the business case, gain management buy in, understand your WHY (where you are now and where you want/need to be), plan and execute your strategy and achieve great results.

I want to take you through the end to end process and see you embed workplace health and wellbeing into the core of your organisation.  I want to help you achieve great things in 2019.

If you would like to know more please sign up to our newsletter and let me take you on a journey that will transform the health and performance of your workforce.

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