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Employee engagement

More and more organisations now understand the benefits of employee engagement but are unsure what measures to take to make this happen. This blog looks at what Employee Engagement is and how, as an organisation you can work with employees to commit to your business and its goals.

What is Employee engagement?

Employee engagement goes beyond motivation and job satisfaction, it is an employees commitment to the organisation, its goals and values.  By involving employees in your business you will motivate them to work together to contribute to its successes.

Why is it important to your organisation?

Higher performance levels Better quality of customer care Less sickness and less presenteeism Employees become advocates of your organisation and its values

What drivers can you use to engage your employees?

Communicate and consult with employees on key plans Offer clarity and feedback on issues that effect them Adapt the organisational culture to involve employees in key issues Encourage open relationships with management and peers Offer development opportunities via personal development plans Share knowledge of vision and goals of the organisation and ask for employee input Hold focus groups with managers and employees so ideas can be shared

What are the signs of an engaged workforce?

Employees go the extra mile Employees feel a bond with the organisation and know the part they play in its success Employees want to help the organisation become the best It can be

How can you monitor employee engagement in your workplace?

Monitor staff turnover patterns - engaged employees are less likely to move on Hold annual employee satisfaction surveys and check year on year results Check absence trends - are some employees more engaged than others? Carefully monitor performance and establish trends following employee engagement interventions

An engaged workforce is key to good business.  If you would like to know more about Employee Engagement or any other workplace health and wellbeing topic supported by Work Well Hub please email: Hello@workwellhub.com or call 01202 987916/07954 414222.

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