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Marie-Clare Gale

Mental Health  and Wellbeing Trainer

For 10 years Marie-Clare worked for Dorset Fire and Rescue Service and during that time she spent 8 years managing the Princes Trust personal development programme. The young people were often highly vulnerable, incredibly pessimistic and mostly ill through poor mental health with a feeling  they had little or no support and others had ‘given up’ on them. This experience inspired Marie-Clare to help nurture these young people and set her on the path to change the face of mental health in young adults. Having witnessed a growing rate in which young adults were presenting common mental health  Marie-Clare took it upon herself to speak with psychiatrists and undertook multiple training opportunities so that she could give these young people the safe space they needed to overcome issues and start realising their potential.

In 2014 Marie-Clare changed direction by developing and delivering mental health awareness training to Dorset Fire and Rescue service staff, both operational and non-operational. She also played a pivotal role in creating the concept of ‘wellbeing ambassadors’ within the force.  Marie-Clare is  passionate about mental health and wellbeing and this is clearly shown in the training she delivers.  He belief that just because mental health can not be seen doesn’t mean it isn’t there.   She is dedicated in supporting others and uses her own life experiences, both personal and professional to facilitate positive, lively and constructive training sessions.