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Peter Thompson

Mental Health Advocate –  Speaker

Peter Thompson is the ultimate marathon runner, the man who ran 44 marathons in 44 countries in 44 consecutive days.  He is the man who set off on his ultimate challenge with one goal in mind… to raise valuable funds to support mental health.  In his talks Peter speaks honestly and openly about the effects mental health  has had on himself and those around him.   His talks are different in that what he talks about doesn’t come from a book or a script, it comes from him,  it’s real,  it about his experiences, something he is passionate about and a subject he clearly, whole heartedly believes in. Through the stories he helps to:
Generate discussions around mental health
Break down stigma and misconceptions
Understand the value of social support
Challenge our perceptions of what’s possible
Increase confidence and creativity

Peter is now on his next challnege to run the Tour de France by running 30 Miles a day over 70 days.